10 Recession-Proof Business Ideas

business opportunities during recession

Empowered activists spend money on brands that align with their values. So they’re looking for companies that tout inclusivity, ethical standards or privacy. Unfortunately, a contracting economy leads to layoffs and organizational restructuring. The increased number of qualified individuals seeking work may provide an opportunity to get a talented pool of employees that matches your vision and dreams.

  • When other businesses suffer a downturn during recessions, courier delivery increases demand for deliveries because people are buying more online and need items delivered quickly or urgently.
  • Where opportunities are stable or uncertain , firms should push their advantage.
  • After most recessions have ended, consumers’ attitudes and behaviors return to “normal” within a year or two.
  • Information Technology services, or IT services, are a great business idea if you know how to code and want to make money.
  • However, as we said before, streamlining the product portfolio does not mean shutting down the innovation pipeline.

However, this doesn’t mean you should blindly proceed with your growth strategies. Instead, relook at your plans, see what still makes sense and prioritize. Some regions may be harder hit by a recession than others, so you may have to reconsider expanding into specific markets. But your research may recession proof business ideas reveal other areas that would welcome your business and may even offer incentives for you to move into their market. To conclude, don’t panic and hibernate during a recession, but look at ways to improve your business strategy by finding pockets that show potential for an extra grab of market share.

Real estate

Even an idea to throw low-cost birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, graduations, or any similar party directed at kids and family could be a smart idea https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ during a recession. They still need to eat, however, and cheap fast food is more resilient to a recession and tightened budgets than more upscale restaurants.

It takes at least seven interactions for a lead to turn into a customer. To achieve brand recognition and increased customer acquisition, you need to have both a consistent tone and a marketing campaign that builds trust. While people are unlikely to spend a large amount of money on beauty items, they will probably spend on affordable things like a manicure or haircuts.

The Best Businesses To Start in a Recession

For businesses to survive a recession, they must provide a product or service that is not cut out of consumer budgets. While recessions are fraught with economic uncertainty and billions in lost money, they can be excellent opportunities to start a new business in the right industry.

business opportunities during recession

Present them with the specific problems or opportunities a recession poses for your business, and give them the agency to solve them beyond their job titles. You may have heard about Treehouse, an online education provider based in Portland, Ore. that recently went from a 40- to a 32-hour four-day workweek and garnered national media attention. But in a recession, companies may consider offering workers a shorter workweek, if necessary for a small reduction in salary, but with no loss of benefits. Throughout history, recessions have been a driving force behind the creation of innovative and successful companies. Companies with accelerated growth during boom times may struggle to find a footing when money is hard to come by.

Technical services

Learning ways to streamline business processes and procedures will help to reduce operating expenses during an uncertain time for companies. With personal debt at an all-time high, demand in the debt settlement industry is as great as it’s ever been.

business opportunities during recession

So, a utility business will stay unaffected even at the time of recession. Event management business is rarely affected by a slow economy, as people and businesses promote positivity through various events and hire an event management team to construct a successful event.

Also, as with any new start-up, consult with an accountant to help you with bookwork and an attorney to cover any liability issues down the road. For example, exercise and yoga instructors have shifted to providing online classes to members who are stuck at home and miss their workouts.

  • Still, one can learn how to begin planning to start a small business and succeed too.
  • You will not have to invest in any equipment or pay for any office space.
  • In times of uncertainty, people seek protection, both physically and financially.
  • Once a company has economic nexus, it must collect and submit the sales tax to that state.
  • But other areas that are legally required to have cleaning services tend to be recession-proof.

Smith also named industrial cleaning services as recession-proof, especially in light of the pandemic downturn, when cleaning took on new urgency. “The importance of maintaining a clean, healthy workplace has increased significantly, and larger businesses that are unaffected by the recession might be more ready to pay for cleaning services,” Smith says. “Clients may also include smaller companies who strive to offer a healthy work environment to their customers and staff.” During challenging times, when money is less available, people’s spending habits change.

Protect cash by reviewing your inventory management practices

To be successful, you may want to consider whether there are other products and services that make sense for your business to offer. Auto repair services are one of the best business ideas for making money in a recession. Most people take their vehicle to be repaired at an official garage, where they pay a lot of money. Businesses focus on core competencies and cut spending wherever they can. As a result, critical services like advertising and marketing are the first to go. Yet, recessions can present profitable growth opportunities for big and small businesses.

  • You may be able to access many items you need for your startup at reduced prices.
  • Companies are doing a ton of research and are still growing depending on their agility and adaptability.
  • Eventually, you’ll be able to attract more clients, earn resources and make your business grow.
  • During recessions it’s more important than ever to remember that loyal customers are the primary, enduring source of cash flow and organic growth.
  • B2B companies have found that online paid advertising, while effective, can be one of the highest variable costs they incur when spending on customer acquisition.

If you find discrepancies with your credit score or information from your credit report, please contact TransUnion® directly. Not only can this business idea provide people with some new information, but it comes with the added boon of forging a much-needed community and a sense of connection. But this business idea requires a lot of marketing skills to garner a “student body,” so to speak, so we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it if you’re shy on the self-promotion front.

These industries that are recession proof offer opportunities during times of economic recession. Although things might be tougher, it’s definitely possible to move into a recession-proof career or build a successful recession-proof business during trying times. Beyond matters of personal finance, people seek advice and insight regarding current and future economic trends or paths to recovery. Harry Campbell started The Rideshare Guy, a community and resource platform for the gig economy, in 2014, but he noticed a surge in business during the pandemic downturn. “During the pandemic, I noticed a traffic spike as many people were interested in exploring such side hustles to stay afloat during tough financial times,” he says.

business opportunities during recession